Written December 27, 2015

Well, it has now been nine days since we returned from our cruise ‘down under’ and life has finally resumed its normal ebb and flow. It really took over a week to get settled back into our normal home routine.

I am planning on writing a daily status entry on my Facebook page detailing our long trip and including some of the photographs I took along the way. I will also throw in some of my writing experiences on Book 2 of The Nu Trilogy.

Hopefully, this will give everyone a sense of what the trip was like and how it impacted my writing. If you have any feedback, don’t be afraid to leave it in the comments.

First of all, let me say that the 27 hour door to door trip was very exhausting and quite uncomfortable. My wife Alice and I left the house at noon on Friday the 20th of November. Our neighbor Tim was kind enough to take us to the airport in his pickup truck. With three large suitcases, two carry on suitcases, a backpack and my wife’s large personal carry on, we were quite loaded down. But what would you expect for a 25 day cruise on the other side of the world.

Security at our local airport in Greensboro, NC is much easier than in larger airports. We have no long lines because we only have flights in and out of PTI (Piedmont Triad International) airport about every fifteen to twenty minutes.

We boarded our small plane for the hop to Chicago and were off on time around 2:00 PM. This flight was relatively short and we landed at O’Hare with plenty of time to get some dinner before our San Francisco flight. Dinner was not the greatest because there were not any good choices of restaurants where you could sit down and relax. We just picked up a wrap sandwich from a mini food court and found a table with some uncomfortable chairs for our meal. Oh, well, I guess this was to be expected in our busy airport system.

The plane for San Francisco left on time and we were off for the west coast. We had already lost one hour in the transition to central standard time in Chicago and we were now in the process of losing two more hours transitioning to Pacific Standard Time.

This flight was much more comfortable than the previous on the little commuter jet. In fact, the Boeing 737 turned out to be more comfortable in coach than the Boeing 777 that we picked up in SF for the fifteen hour flight to Sydney, Australia.

Tomorrow I will write about that long and torturous flight. I have a few gory details that might be of interest to any future travelers on long flights.

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