CRUISE DAY 3 – Milford Sound, NZ

We arrived at Milford Sound the morning of our third day. If you look at a map of New Zealand, you can find Milford sound on the southwest corner of the south island. The weather was cloudy with intermittent showers but the views were still spectacular. I took 106 pictures and three videos that day and I selected two photos and one video to share with everyone on my Facebook page ( scroll down to the Dec. 30th posts).

First of all, I was reminded of our visit to the Fjords in Norway. The mountains rose almost straight up out of the sound into the sky and waterfalls were streaming down the sides everywhere you looked.

The captain of the Noordam opened up the front deck of the ship on level four so that everyone could get a better look as we headed into and then back out of the sound. When you looked up at the highest peaks, you could see snow caps clinging to the steep sides.

The wind was blowing from west to east toward the head of the sound and you could see some of the waterfalls that fell over cliffs being blown sideways and sometimes disappearing before they reached the waters of the sound below. When you watch the video, you can hear the waterfalls and the wind.

This southernmost part of New Zealand is the kickoff point for most expeditions to Antarctica so it was quite cool for late spring.

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