CRUISE DAY 11 & 12 – At Sea, December 2-3, 2015

After leaving our last port in New Zealand, we had two days at sea on our way back to Sydney. It gave me some time for working on Book 2 during the day and then time to solidify our friendships with our cruise buddies from Virginia and New Jersey.

We were invited to a Mariner awards ceremony just before lunch on the 11th day where Alice and I received bronze medallions signifying more than 100 cruise days on Holland America. There was one mariner recognized for having over 700 cruise days. That is almost two years of cruising.

Our second formal night was on Day 11, and I got to wear my new tie purchased at our last stop in New Zealand. It featured the silver leaf design that might become part of their new flag. I am wearing the tie in the picture posted for the day, but you can’t see the small pattern of the silver leaf alternating with the initials N.Z. for New Zealand. Every time I wear that tie I will be reminded of our cruise on the other side of the world.

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