CRUISE DAY 20 – Dravuni Island, Republic of Fiji, December 12, 2016

Dravuni Island was another tender port. It was a typical example  of a small South Pacific island where the residents live a simple life spiced up every once in a while by a visit from a cruise ship. On cruise days like today, everyone on the island focuses on entertaining their cruise guests with the usual booths selling wraps or offering massages.

On this island, however, we were treated to a village dance show. A line of women, dressed in costumes enhanced with palm fronds, danced traditional island dances while a group of men with instruments and voices provided the musical background.

Because it was a Saturday, school was not in session, so all of the children participated in or sat and watched the dance ceremony. It appears that the villagers were actually looking for donations from their guests to improve their schools with books and supplies.

After walking through the small village looking at the various stalls, and then watching and listening to the dance, we returned to the ship. This was another south sea island with little to offer other than a beautiful climate.

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