Pace and the Knob of Life

My thoughts on today’s Daily Prompt on Pace Oddity.

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel overwhelmed by the cacophony of audio and visual stimulation? You just can’t seem to follow everything going on around you and know you are missing something important in all of the noise?

That is the exact moment when you want to change the pace of life. You want to turn the knob of life down just a little so that you can enjoy everything and everyone around you.

So what can you do?

Here is how I try to cope. First I fill my lungs with air to the bursting point and then let it out slowly, concentrating on the sound of the air escaping my lips to the exclusion of all other sounds and sights. Then I do it once more for good measure.

The effect of concentrating on the sound of my breath tends to smooth out my temperament and reset my outlook.

Do you have any tricks like this that others could employ? If so, leave a comment so that we can all start a conversation. Pace is important and there should always be a way to adjust that pace to fit any situation. What is your knob of life?

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