Divide is a Dirty Word

Divide or Unite? Divide or Multiply? Divide and Conquer!

I don’t see anything very positive in the word divide in today’s world. That was not always the case.

When I was younger, we used to divide and share when it came to food, candy at Halloween, the chores around the house, etc. I haven’t heard divide used in that context in a long time.

Perhaps we need to get back to a time when we were thankful for the little bit that we had and not envious of those who had a little more. Now all we hear from our children is whining and complaining that they don’t have enough. They want the latest tech gadget or the most candy, or more Christmas presents, even though none of these things seem to make them any happier.

In today’s world divide has turned into a dirty word.

Let’s clean it up again in our own small world and perhaps that will translate into the larger world around us. I will try. How about you?





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