When I Feel Incomplete


How many times in your life did you experience something uplifting or fantastic and wish with all your heart that a special someone could be there to to share the experience. To me, that is the true meaning of incomplete. If someone “completes” you, then being away from them at those special moments makes you feel incomplete, because you cannot fully share your joy.

When you lose someone close, be it parent or spouse or child, you truly know the feeling of being incomplete because you are almost crippled by it. Sometimes it takes years to dull the ache brought on by this permanent separation, and it never really goes away.

So how do you cope with incompleteness?  My only answer is to think back to those wonderful times that you had and try to remember the joy that you both had. That joy has not been erased. In fact, that joy can never be erased. It can, however, be cherished.

This post I dedicate to my mother and half-sister at my mother’s 80th birthday party in 2005. They are sorely missed.

2 thoughts on “When I Feel Incomplete

  1. As I read through your post, my thoughts went to my Dad who I sorely miss even till date. I still feel that hollow in me. I still believe that my life took a drastic turn when he passed and life became incomplete. Sometimes, I wish he was around to see the ‘growth’ in his family. So, I share in your sentiments too. It’s a crushing experience to lose people who are so close and dear to our hearts. 🙂

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