The Life of a Single Drop


Hazy. Everything is hazy way up here in the clouds. Life seems to float on a bed of swirling air, in and out of the light. I don’t exist yet but soon, very soon.

Awakening. A singular event happens. A speck of dust passes through the mist and gathers pieces of me together like a mother hen gathering her chicks. I am swelling and feeling bloated, heavy, singular, different.

Falling. The mist can no longer support me. I feel the downward pull that lends direction to my universe. There is only up and down and down I must go. How long? What is long? I awaken to the concept of time where it never existed before.

Growing. Still gathering mass as I pass downward through the cloud, light dims. I am falling into a deep gray nothingness. Will the light go out?

Flash! Bang! What was that? Intense brightness followed by a thunderous clap that moves me sideways for just a brief instant. My form vibrates from the released anger of the storm. All around me are companions in our downward journey. It is a race now, not just a lone journey. Millions race.

Release. We are free of the mist but not free. We are carried by the wind, and down is no longer the only direction. We are all pushed sideways to who knows where. Life is not ours to command. We are all carried by the forces around us to an unknown destiny.

Splash! Swirl. Release. I am in the cold salt water. My form disappears. I join my companions and all those that have come before me in the wondrous sea. I can taste many new flavors. From the speck of dust to the ocean, life has been short, adventurous, exciting, now calming, understanding, joining, becoming.

I know I will do this again. I was a drop for such a short time, but the ride was awesome.

Will you join me on my next journey?


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