Origin of the Written Word

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Description Thoth, ancient Egyptian god often depicted as an ibis-headed man. Based on New Kingdom tomb paintings.
Date 22:24, 26 December 2007 (UTC)
Source Own work
Author Jeff Dahl

Spoiler Alert!

In my novel Nu Book 1 – The Esss Advance, I pose a theory about how humanity came to be on Earth and how we developed under the guidance of the Nu. This thread in the story is handled in Interlude chapters interspersed between the regular chapters in the book.

One of those Interludes involved the introduction of writing skills to the ancient Egyptians and dovetails nicely with history of that area from around 3,500 BC. With that said, here is Interlude 11 from the book. I hope you enjoy the premise:

Interlude 11

5,500 Years Ago

The new species was developing all kinds of techniques for growing and storing food to last through the cold seasons in the northern climes of the planet and through the seasons of drought in the southern regions. The cooperation required between individual members of a farming society was helping with the development of significant language skills. To enhance these skills, the Nu introduced the written word so that knowledge could be recorded for later generations.
It was also time for the Nu to make their presence known. The place chosen was back on the original continent where one of the most advanced civilizations on the planet was located, along the banks of what would become known as the Nile River in Egypt.
AlvaResh picked his second in command, AlbuTang, for this important assignment. The governor had been overseeing human development now for almost four billion Earth years, and it was time to allow his most likely successor some direct experience. It was best for AlbuTang to step into this role and allow him to carry forward in what should prove to be a rapid ascent in the powers and capabilities of this human species.
The site chosen would become known as Khmun. The method chosen was to descend in one of their monitoring ships and land on the site where a temple would be built in honor of Djeheuty, the god of wisdom, the patron of scribes, and the great mediator.
For AlvaResh, this was a means of jump-starting real civilization. Word had arrived recently that the Esss were progressing toward this stellar neighborhood, and the humans were nowhere near ready to join with the Nu in repelling this invasion. From now on, the Nu would be playing a much more active role in human development.

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