Clarity of Purpose – And Balance

Clarity –

Have you ever noticed that many people wander through life tasting from one sensual experience after another without thought of where they are going or what they want to do with their lives. Perhaps they are happy living this way, or perhaps they feel lost and without direction but know not how to break away from the viscous sensual cycle.

Contrast this with others that you know who are so highly focused on a goal that they do nothing, say nothing, are nothing without reference to that goal. These people have clarity of purpose but no balance in their lives. Friendships are often shallow and only allowed to exist if they support the goal.

Both of these states of being are at the extremes of human behavior. There is no balance.

So where can we find balance?

When we wake up in the morning, can we enjoy a few quiet moments in bed, savoring the warmth and pleasure of a good night’s sleep even while we plan our day?

When we sit down to eat a meal, can we put down our phones and our tablets and enjoy the food and company around us, letting go for a few moments our goals and aspirations? They will still be there after we eat.

When we go to work, can we enjoy meaningful relationships with our co-workers even while we accomplish our appointed tasks?

When we catch up on our emails and blogs and posts and tweets, can we take the time to respond with a kind and helpful word to each and every person at the other end?

Can we maintain our Clarity of Purpose but not lose our humanity, our friendliness, our enjoyment of life?

I think we can, for with true balance, we can find happiness AND fulfillment. I would love to hear your thoughts, your experiences, and your approaches to true balance.

8 thoughts on “Clarity of Purpose – And Balance

  1. Beautifully written and so true. Happy and proud to be one of the few who enjoys life with a purpose. Yet once in a while I need to stop and remind myself to do so.


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