Streets – The Servants of Mankind

Street –

When you travel around the world, you see streets. You would have a very hard time getting to see any place that didn’t have streets. How else would you get there? How else would you get around once you were there?

If you really think about it, streets are one of the true hallmarks of civilization. Most were formed as paths for farmers to get their produce to markets in nearby towns. The towns themselves were built around streets to facilitate commerce.

The picture I included is part of the Kronborg Castle complex in Helsingor, Denmark. Notice the cobblestone streets that are so prevalent both in Europe and cities on the eastern seaboard of the US that were colonized by Europeans. How better to keep the mud off of our shoes and to prevent our wagon wheels from sinking into that same mud.

If you want to go back even further in time, visit the excavations in Ephesus, Turkey. There you will see beautiful streets and sidewalks laid down thousands of years ago that have survived the ravages of time very nicely.

Streets are a major part of our everyday life, and we hardly ever notice them. They are simply taken for granted. The exception to that is when we get stuck in our homes because the weather has been so inconsiderate as to dump tons of snow and ice on the streets and they become impassable. Then they are no longer taken for granted. We cannot wait for the snow plows and sanding trucks to come and free us from nature’s bondage.

Once the streets are clear and passable, they slip back into anonymity. If the streets could only talk, imagine how they would complain of their ill treatment as servants of mankind.

3 thoughts on “Streets – The Servants of Mankind

  1. Oh I’ve been here! Long ago in the days of Instamatic cameras, so I have no little square pictures to remind me as they all turned brown, faded and then stuck together . So good to see this.


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