Down Under Green

Green –

We are all intimately familiar with the colors in and around where we live. If that happens to be anywhere outside a metropolitan area, then one of the predominant colors we see every day is green. We see lawns, bushes, and trees filled with different shades of green from the chlorophyll in the leaves or needles that so efficiently absorb the sunshine and convert the energy into food for growth.

When we travel, however, the shades of green can be quite different. The farther we travel away from our home environment, the more likely we are to see different shades of green. Take for example, traveling from North Carolina in the USA to Dunedin in New Zealand. It would be hard to travel farther from home than going to the opposite side of the world.

This became very obvious with our first view out of our stateroom cabin when we were sailing into the harbor at Dunedin. The rolling hills were covered in lush green grasses. Gorse was sprinkled haphazardly in the fields on the sides of the hills. Groves of pine trees sprang out of the ground, adding a darker hue that only enhanced the beautiful lush greens of the grasses.

Perhaps this is why we call places far away “exotic”. This may only be a term to describe different from home: different colors; different textures, different shapes, different sizes. The landscape was breathtaking in its different-ness. It sang of new possibilities ahead on our journey of exploration of the lands down under.

With smiles on our faces and a little skip in our step, we prepared for our first of many excursions into this beautiful island country.

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    Colours, sounds, taste and tactile sensations…they can all illicit memories. Sometimes it’s difficult to describe these kinds of memories to readers, but comparing them, one to another and studying the reasons they differ can give one a better idea of how to relate them to others.
    Many thanks to Charles Waugh for this post on his blog at

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