Siblings and Gigglings

Giggle –

I must apologize to my followers that I have not been posting for the last few days. In the USA, April 10th was National Siblings Day. Not even knowing this, my sister suggested to my brothers and myself that we get together sometime between April 10th and April 14th at my house in North Carolina (because we live in the most central location).

So, everyone agreed and my older brother flew in from Tucson, AZ, my sister and her husband drove down from Connecticut, and my younger brother and his wife flew in from Tampa, Fl. Needless to say, we had an enjoyable visit and now everyone has departed back to their independent lives.

An interesting coincidence occurred. My cousin was cleaning out some old boxes from their attic and ran across a picture of me and my two brothers taken back in the early 1950’s by a studio in the Albany, NY area where we grew up.  He sent the photo to me and it arrived on April 8th. I framed it an put it on display for all of my siblings to see when they arrived. Here is the photo without the title covering up anything:


Somehow, the photographer got us all smiling and giggling at the same time and got this wonderful picture. I haven’t seen this for probably fifty years. I’m the skinny one in the middle.

For all of you out there that have siblings, I hope you have fond memories of your upbringing and all of the adventures that you shared growing up. We recalled many of those adventures during the last few days and had many laughs and giggles along with a few tears that come with the territory.

I’m afraid there will be another lull in my posts. My wife and I have scheduled a last minute cruise from our favorite cruise line. Holland America offered us a seven day cruise of Spain at an almost unbelievably low price so we decided to take advantage of the offer. This is one of the benefits of retirement.

I am sure my wife and I will have a few more giggles to add to our many fond memories of journeying around the world together. When we get back, I will be posting a travel blog of the journey, hopefully with some great pictures to share.

Have a great day, and don’t forget to have a few giggles and laughs. It makes the day brighter.

2 thoughts on “Siblings and Gigglings

  1. Wow! Amazing photos of the three of you covered in the most cutest smiles. I enjoyed reading this post. It brought back fond memories of my own childhood with my siblings. And I could very well relate to the gigglings… that’s a word I play with often. Lol. How nice to celebrate siblings day with all your siblings, sharing wonderful memories together. Priceless moments! Hoping to see photos and read more about your travels. Thank you for sharing these beautiful stories. Cheers! 🙂

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