Success Inspirer Daily resolution!

Here is some wise advice.


Do you resolve at the start of your day how you will face the day? Many people don’t, which is a great mistake. They get up and start going about their chores with no resolution about the day. No doubt many people do not achieve much in the day and eventually in life.

If you want to make significant achievements in this world, the way you manage each day matters; and the best management of your day starts with a good resolution on how to face it.

Starting today, I like you to try this:

When you get out of bed, after your prayer, take a resolution about how you will go about the day. The Success Inspirer Daily Resolution that follows can help. Say it to yourself aloud or silently.

Success Inspirer Daily Resolution:

“I will face this day positively. I will turn every negative thought that comes into…

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