Hope Needs Help

Hope –

A person cannot succeed on just hope. Hope is just the start. It must be followed up with deeds.

How can I say this?

Just imagine that a parent hopes desperately that their children will get a solid education to give them a leg up on life. That hope is just not enough by itself to make it happen. The parent can do many things to help that hope along. For instance, the parent could read a story to their children every night at bedtime. This deed places an important seed in the children’s minds that reading can be fun and entertaining. Once the children get to school, there is an incentive for each child to learn to read, and most will learn quickly.

Next, the parent can inquire every day about what happened in school and what the children learned that day. Showing interest in your children’s education subconsciously lets the children know that learning in school is important. By repeating what was learned in school, the children are reinforcing that learning and will remember the lessons more easily.

Asking what homework has been assigned is the next step. Keeping on top of your children’s homework again shows what a keen interest you have in their education. Setting up rules like “You must finish your homework before you go out and play” helps the children develop good work habits.

HOPEfully, you now understand what I mean when I say that Hope Needs Help. Hope alone could be fruitless. Hope with help can turn that hope into reality.

The image today is of my twin granddaughters with their teacher at graduation from kindergarten. They get a great deal of help from both parents and are as smart as can be. They are also full of joy and love for reading and learning.

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