Almost Forgotten

“Watch out!” Henry shouted to his girlfriend as she caught her foot on a wire cable hidden deep in the weeds just off of the path.

Emily barley caught herself from falling head first into a bramble she had been skirting on their exploratory journey through the estate. Looking back she saw the offending loop of wire that had almost been her demise.

“Now this is interesting,” Emily said to Henry. “I wonder where this thin cable came from? Let’s follow it.”

With that, she took off on a tangent from their original path, tracing the wire back to its source. It didn’t take long. Just over a small hill, the land fell into a valley filled with the brown detritus of last years weedy growth and the shoots of the new spring growth filling in from underneath. Standing above it all was a small brown frame with the wire looping in and around it like a coiling snake.

“What is this, Henry?” she asked.

“My trophy case!” said Henry. “Damn that crazy brother of mine!”

“What are your talking about?”

“Alex must have ripped this out of our room when I was away at college and thrown it back here to spite me. When I asked him about it, he denied knowing anything. You coil up the loose wire while I extricate the case from the weeds. This is going in the middle of his bed when we get back to the house, dirt and all. Maybe then he will tell me where all of my trophies went.”

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