Blue Light – Thumbs Down



Shame filled Alejandro as he stood over the bloodied bull, its sides heaving to bring in a last gasp of air. The killing stroke had not found the heart. The enormous bull had fought well, maybe too well. At the last second, its shoulders had turned and deflected the blade.

Looking up at the Presidente, he knew what was coming. The catcalls from the crowd told the tale. Thumbs down.

The blue lights lit the night sky, announcing his utter failure to the world..

6 thoughts on “Blue Light – Thumbs Down

  1. Gee, that’s tough when the bullfighter loses. A really nice take on this prompt! Different. Good work this week!

    PS. Just one “L” in “Alejandro” and you’re home free. 😉


    1. Thanks for the welcome. I’m not used to writing short fiction. My only work has been novel length (actually 3 novels to complete my story and working on the second). I had fun with this one. Just got back from a trip to Spain as you might guess.


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