Anger in a Taste of Nu Book 2

Here is part of what is now Chapter 13 in upcoming Nu Book 2.

This passage personifies how someone can be so Angry.

The ‘Scorpions’ in this passage refer to a new fighter ship designed to combat the invading extra-galactic race called the Esss that are attempting to colonize the Earth. You can find out more about the Nu and the Esss in Nu Book 1 – The Esss Advance by visiting my website at

Please let me know what you think.


While Sted was dressing, Jessica arrived back at their apartment with a cart full of groceries. She knew that this was the time to break the news to Sted, but she was concerned about how he might react. As she was putting the perishable food in the chiller Sted came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders and gave her a big squeeze.

“Hi, stranger,” said Jessica as she turned around to give Sted a kiss and a hug. “Are you staying for lunch or heading back to the assembly floor?”

“Based on the good news I just received from Cam,” said Sted. “I think I’ll take the afternoon off. I haven’t had a break in weeks and I have really missed spending time with you. You really look wonderful today, and by that I mean more wonderful than you usually do!”

“That was a nice recovery, you overgrown ship jockey!” replied Jessica with a sort of lopsided grin that was half playful and half worried. “Did you stop to think why I look more wonderful?”

“Not really,” said Sted. “I just miss seeing you, with all of the time I have been spending on the Scorpions. Why do you ask?  Is something going on that I don’t know about?”

Jessica looked down at her feet as she collected her thoughts and then said “Well, now that you mention it, there is something I need to tell you. My pregnancy test says we are going to have a baby boy in about 30 weeks and I thought you should know.”  At this point her head was half way up and she was looking at Sted through the tops of her eyes, trying to gauge his reaction.

“You can’t be pregnant now!” said Sted in high pitched and worried tone. “We are about to engage these aliens in a battle for our very lives!”

Jessica’s shoulders sagged noticeably as her face settled into her palms and the tears started to flow. She tried not to make a sound, but small, audible sobs worked their way between her fingers and out into the apartment kitchen. How could he react like that?  This was just what she feared would happen. What should she do now?  She wasn’t going to give up this baby, no matter what Sted said!  That’s when she felt Sted’s arms circle around her shoulders once more.

“I’m so sorry, honey” said Sted in a quiet and comforting voice. “It was incredibly cruel of me to react that way to what would normally be wonderful news. It’s just hard to see how we’re going to get through the next few weeks and months trying to survive as a race against these alien invaders. How can we even think about raising a baby under those conditions?”

“We are not aborting this baby!” yelled Jessica, as she pushed her way out of Sted’s embrace, fire shining through the tears in her eyes. She was in full mama bear protective mode.

“Go back to your precious ships if you can’t be supportive right now,” she said as she pointed to the door to the apartment. “Let me know when you can ‘think about raising a baby’ under these conditions. Then I might want to talk to you again.”

With that she turned and walked into the bedroom and slammed the door shut.

Sted was dumbstruck. What should he do now?  He had never seen Jessica act this way before and he was completely out of his depth. He stood there frozen for several minutes before his personal communicator chimed with an incoming video call. He unclipped the com from his belt, saw that it was Vice Admiral Bunting, and pressed the answer key.

“Captain, Cam and I need you at the Lunar Operations Center right now. Cam has a shuttle waiting for you on the landing field. It’s time to nail down the final details of our battle plan and we need your input.

“Yes, sir,” replied Sted. “I’ll head down to the field right now.”  With that, he ended the call and then took one last forlorn look at the bedroom door before heading out of the apartment, knowing he was making a big mistake.

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