The Sky is the Limit – Graduation

Sky – This week was the local high school graduation and all of the parties in the neighborhood will be this weekend. Some of the graduates will be going on to college. Some have jobs lined up. One even has his own business that has been in operation for over two years.

For these graduates, the sky truly is the limit. They are bright, industrious, courteous, respectful, and just all around wonderful young adults.

The parents and the students set up a display at the entrance to the neighborhood showing all of the graduates:

IMG_3506 (2)

Notice how blue the sky is. Here is a shot looking in the opposite direction where you can see a few puffy clouds:

IMG_3507 (2)

On the center island between the two neighborhood signs is a colorful flower garden backed by many bushes and trees and a single sign:

IMG_3508 (2)

And finally, here is an example of the signs on the house of one of the graduates:


It is a big weekend. We will be attending one of the parties being held on Sunday afternoon. The next generation is off an running, with the sky as the limit.

5 thoughts on “The Sky is the Limit – Graduation

      1. I don’t think so, go ahead and pass on the best wishes. They deserve to know that they are celebrated for their wise decisions to stay on the path of successs. šŸ™‚


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