26 Weeks Letter Challenge – Letter L

The featured image is a sign from Liarsville, near Skagway, Alaska taken in July of 2006. It was the biggest ‘L’ I could find in my archives. It was named for the tall tales told by journalists during the Alaska gold rush period.


From here I want to fast forward three years to July of 2009 and our trip to Yellowstone National Park. Here is the Old Faithful Inn, one of the most famous buildings in the in the world made of logs:


On that same trip we visited Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone where you find the famous rock formation called the Liberty Cap:


This formation built up over hundreds of years when a hot spring stabilized in the same spot and left deposits at an ever increasing height. It is named because of its resemblance to the caps worn during the French Revolution. Right next to this formation is Palette Spring which forms a beautiful travertine (Limestone) terrace. The heated water from the caldera flows down a fault line and picks up limestone before emerging at the surface to form the terraces.


So today we have Liarsville, Logs, Liberty Cap, and Limestone.

5 thoughts on “26 Weeks Letter Challenge – Letter L

  1. Perfect post for the challenge ! Love the log house! Would love to visit Alaska, seen so many beautiful landscape photos that make me just want to get on a plain and go! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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