One Word Photo Challenge – Camera

I have taken pictures at several weddings and I always like to get a picture of the photographer so that the wedding couple can add that to their photo collection from the professional(s). Here are three photos of wedding photographers (the last one with the bride):

IMG_3246IMG_3245Alicia's Wedding Photos 127

7 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge – Camera

  1. Good choice for this post. I always like to stand beside (and slightly behind) photographer once he/she has done the hard work of rounding everyone up. And try to remember to put my camera into silent mode.

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    1. The two guy photographers in the post were last minute fill-ins. The tended to migrate to where I was already shooting and I would back off and let them earn a living. I would have been embarrassed had I been them.

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  2. I touched up my photos and sent them on a thumb drive the the mother of the groom (the groom is my wife’s godson). That gave them many pictures that the photographers missed.


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