Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Events

My wife and I went to an event last night – a Donald Trump rally in Greensboro, NC. We wanted to see for ourselves what a rally was like as compared to what was reported in the news on television. Reality and news driven perception of reality are two different things.

Here are some iPhotos (that is iPhone photos) of what we saw:


And here are my wife and I in the stands waiting for the speakers to start:


There were over 6,000 friendly and accomodating people admitted to the event with more outside when the venue filled up. There were three protester who were walked out after disrupting the speech. There were a total of 17 protesters outside of the building, including one who tried to block the doors as people were being admitted. However, all you hear from the press is about the protesters. Totally unfair reporting.

The event was very well organized and ran very smoothly. Everyone inside had a great time. Trump will easily win the election in November in North Carolina.

9 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Events

    1. Heaven forbid that the media tell the truth about conservative people getting together in support of their candidate. Trump is “obviously” a bigot, misogynist, racist because the media doesn’t like him. What a pile of BS.

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      1. Yes, we have little piles of it here too right now. One pile about leaving EU and a matching pile about staying in EU. Shovel them together and we have a medium sized pile.

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  1. Not my politics (but what the hell, we’re democracies). I like the snapshots of people doing…’people things’, looks like you all peaceably assembled.
    Thanks for the insight.

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      1. It has to be the only way. News is just coming in that a UK MP (Member of Parliament) was shot three times, stabbed and then kicked by someone; Caucasian. Three days ago a French policeman was shot in his driveway and his wife stabbed in the house, all in front of their 7 year old who is now an orphan (possibly an ISIS inspired attack).
        I couldn’t stop the attacks. But no Hate, not in my name- no more.


      2. Thanks.
        Shall we say, I have this defensive mode in my character and a certain inventiveness in matters of threat.
        Right now it’s on high alert.
        (Just see some tv footage of a crowd of drunk males throwing missiles a three small refuge kids- it’ll be a while before I calm down)

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