My Outside Office

I joined the blog party at A Kinder Way and thought that I should put a little bit more about myself in a blog post for those party goers who cross my path this weekend.

My featured image is a picture of myself out on my deck with my Surface tablet with keyboard, mouse, coffee and camera equipment. The big umbrella is up, shielding me from the North Carolina sun, and the breezes are simply marvelous.

From early spring to late fall, I like to take advantage of the beautiful weather here and spend time writing in the middle of what nature has to offer, instead of secluding myself in my office. That should be limited to nights, rainy days, scorcher afternoons, and the few short cold winter months.

Here are two pictures of my setup from the doorway leading out to the deck so you get a better idea of the environment.


Maybe sometime later this weekend I will take and share a few photos of my office. Right now, I just got a call from a friend offering a chance to do some fishing on a local lake, so I will complete this post and hopefully ‘see’ you all later. Enjoy

11 thoughts on “My Outside Office

  1. Lovely weather you have there πŸ™‚ is nice to actually put a face to the name charles πŸ™‚ good weekend to you !


  2. What a beautiful view! I love it- I always have some coffee with me when I write, too πŸ™‚ Are you a photographer, also? I’m looking into equipment to amp up my own picture-taking ability, so if you have any suggestions/info I’d love to hear it!


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