Mundane Mondavi Monday

Two bottles of wine on the kitchen counter. How mundane. But look at the labels.


Both are Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve wines. One is from 1993 (the year we got married). The other is from 2003 (our 10th anniversary).

I was planning a celebration of our 20th anniversary in 2013 and we were going to bring the 2003 bottle to our favorite restaurant to celebrate the occasion. However, my wife searched online and found a 1993 bottle at the Mondavi winery and gave it to me for an anniversary present. So, we took the 1993 bottle instead. What a wonderful and thoughtful wife I have.

12 thoughts on “Mundane Mondavi Monday

  1. Of course; some part of the fun is in tasting the difference between vintages. But some things remain more or less the same from year to year. A Cabernet Sauvignon lasts pretty long, although 20 years is pushing it a bit. Since you liked it so much after 20 years, Mondavi must be an exceptional vintner.

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