Echos of my Neighborhood

Echos of my Neighborhood is a photo challenge series hosted by Jacqueline. It offers a window into each blogger’s world for others to see. This is my first entry into the series. Today I want to share a few pictures of the actual neighborhood. If you want to see a few pictures of my home, check out my Daily Prompt blog entry for A House to a Home.

I will start with some pictures take over the last 8 years. Next week I will go out and take some current pictures.

Here is a picture from December 5th of 2010 when we had our first snow of the season:

Lennox Woods First Snow 2010 036

Now let’s switch to summer with two pictures at our neighborhood clubhouse and pool:


That is me with two of my grandchildren from the summer of 2009, a year after we moved into the neighborhood.

Next is a picture from Halloween of 2010 where the neighborhood comes together with a hotdog and pot luck supper with all of the kids wearing their costumes. As soon as it gets dark, everyone goes back to their homes and the kids (now sated from supper) go around knocking on doors trick-or-treating.

Kids Halloween Party 2010 005Kids Halloween Party 2010 004



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