Tour Guides with Tourists

The easiest way to spot a Tourist is to look for a group of people with cameras surrounding a tour guide. This is the tour guide for our cruise excursion in Valencia, Spain. He is explaining the function of this room, which happens to be the Silk Market in the heart of Old Town Valencia.


Here is the outside of the building with the silk market:


Now here is a picture of our tour guide with tourists in Cartegena, Spain followed by a picture without anyone present.


I usually like to take a picture at the beginning of an excursion that identifies the location. It makes it much easier when reviewing the photographs years later.

Our next stop was in Malaga, so here is a group of tourists following the guide down a narrow alley followed by a picture of a church that was at the end of the alley:


Here are some tourists resting after a great deal of climbing around the terrain on the Rock of Gibraltar. You can see the lime green tour group sticker on the woman in the middle of the picture, and a nice picture of my wife in sun glasses on the right.


Finally, I went back in my archives to 2008 and pulled out a picture taken during our rafting trip down the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park. I love pictures with beautiful mountains in the background.




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