Thursday Doors – June 30, 2016

Last Sunday we spent the afternoon at the Childress Winery established in 2004 by the famous NASCAR race driver Richard Childress. I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase some wonderful doors from a beautiful facility. So let’s start with the doors at the main entrance:


You can see a family crest carved into the center of each door panel, and at the bottom of the crest is the word “CHILDRESS”. The wine barrels at each side of the door areย  perfect reminders of the function of the building as seen below:


If you are standing in the portico of the front door and look to the left, you see a beautiful covered walkway:


Inside is a beautiful lobby with a fountain in the center, a wine tasting room/store to the left and a large banquet hall to the right. That means that you have more beautiful doors to both the left and the right:


When you walk around the building to the left, you get a good view of the pavilion just completed at the winery. It is used for functions like weddings and also is the location where the winery provides music for its patrons every Saturday and Sunday afternoon during the summer season. This particular day they had a piano player/singer providing the entertainment.


Behind the main building is a gazebo and a beautiful pond with a fountain spraying up from the middle:


Here are a couple of shots taken from inside of the pavilion:


And, of course, there are the beautifully tended rows of grape vines and a couple of pictures of the actual grapes:


I hope you enjoyed this tour, brought to you by Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

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