Gas Ovens Can Be Dangerous

Burns can be very painful. My warning to parents is to teach their children about using older gas stoves, gas ovens or gas grills that need to be lit by hand (that don’t use a pilot light). This also applies to newer gas appliances that have pilot lights but somehow the pilot has been extinguished.

My daughter was at an older church with a gas oven that required manual lighting. She knew nothing about ovens that needed to be lit, so she turned on the dial that sets the oven temperature and waited for it to preheat. When the temperature did not go up as expected, she decided to light the oven manually. Guess what happened? Whoosh, a ball of flame exploded from the oven and right into her face.


The hand that was reaching into the oven was also burned significantly:


This happened back in April of 2006, and the event is nothing but an old memory now. Healing took some time, and the doctors and nurses were able to restore her looks without visible sign of the damage. Here is a picture from her wedding in August of 2011.

Alicia's Wedding Photos 110

So, don’t let this happen to you or your family. Treat gas appliances with respect. Know how to operate them or get help from someone who does know.

8 thoughts on “Gas Ovens Can Be Dangerous

  1. My Dad was a fireman. The stories he told me! So glad your daughter recovered; these things can happen so easily.
    A very worthy and responsible post

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  2. I’m so sorry that happened. One of my most vivid childhood memories was watching my mother get burned trying to light a gas broiler that at that time was on the bottom of the stove in a drawer where you really could not see if it was lit unless you put you face down next to it. Burned off her eyebrows and I still remember Dad putting butter on her face ( I don’t think that is done anymore). She was ok, but scared us half to death. Thanks for posting this. Younger folks need to see it.

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