Book Launch – 3 – 2 – 1 -0

My first novel, Nu Book 1 – The Esss Advance, was released in October of 2015 by Lulu Publishing. Lulu offered both a print-on-demand paperback and an eBook version, with the eBook available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, etc. at a price in the $8.00 range. Well, traction for a new author for $8.00 was difficult to establish. So, I have pulled the eBook rights from Lulu and am launching an exclusive eBook from Kindle Direct Publishing for a price of $2.99. You can follow the link to make your purchase.


With this launch, I am offering a three day window for everyone to download the book for free. The window will be open for July 7th, 8th, and 9th, after which the price will revert back to $2.99.

Concurrent with this free promotion, I am running a random drawing for three free signed copies of the paperback version from Lulu Publishing. All you need to do to enter this contest  is sign up for my Mailing List on my book website at .  I will contact the three winners to get a snail mail address and then send the books out on July 11th.

I would encourage any of my followers who have friends who enjoy science fiction or romance to let them know about this promotion. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Also, any re-blogs of this post would be appreciated.

As always, I would love to get some reviews posted on Amazon by those of you who read the book. Feedback is helpful for both other potential readers and for this author.

Book 2 of the trilogy is well underway with the first draft over 50% complete. I’m looking forward to launching Book 2 before the end of 2016.

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