Chuck’s Book Cover Dilemma!

Fellow author and friend Dan Alatorre was kind enough to have me as a guest blogger this morning. Here is his blog. If you are not following Dan, you might want to give it serious thought. He has great advice about writing and also a great sense of humor.

Dan Alatorre

your humble host

My friend and fellow author Charles Waugh stops by to share some of his trials and tribulations in selecting the proper cover for his book.

It’s not always an easy process!

Read along and see what happens – and maybe how to avoid some problems.

We’ve all been there!


Working Cover Art to your Best Advantage

As an avid science fiction reader for many decades, I knew the importance of creating an eye catching cover that would get you second looks from readers browsing bookshelves or looking at thumbnail photos on Amazon.

CW Author Photo (1) author Charles E Waugh

Well, now I had finished the first draft of my novel and it was off to the editor for a developmental edit. So what do you do next while waiting for the hammer to fall on your first creation? How about researching for a first rate cover artist to create…

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