Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Signs

I had to run some errands today, including mailing out signed copies of my book to the winners of my recent promotion contest. This stop sign, coming out of the post office parking lot, intrigued me. Look at the small sign below the big STOP. It says “FASTEN SEAT BELTS: Someone Needs You!”


Well, the someone needs you part of the sign makes you “Stop” and think a little.

After the post office, I had to take my car for a small service fix at the Triple A Travel Car Care Center, so this was the perfect time to do a walk-about. Here are some of the signs I captured:






And, finally, as I got back into  my neighborhood, I snapped a picture of the road signs you see as you approach the traffic circle as you enter the “hood”:


Many thanks to Cee Neuner for hosting this challenge. Click on her name for a link back to the challenge page and to take a peek at her signs.



3 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Signs

  1. You’ve had a busy and successful day! I like the bit on the first sign about “someone needs you” . So small though you’d need to slow down to read it and then the driver behind might run into you.

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