Mom – Memories Lost


Two husbands you outlived,

And both you loved to death,

Their memories you relived,

With every waking breath.


You lived two different lives,

With very different men.

And yes you did survive,

With pain and sorrow then.


But age was kind at last,

Those memories, they were lost.

You could not hold them fast,

And suffer from the cost.


When asked what you would do,

When both you met in heaven,

You really had no clue,

So flustered, so much confusion.


We reassured you then,

To dance with both was right,

You seemed to settle down,

Your eyes had inward sight.


Who knows what thoughts you had,

Those last few trying days.

In hospice bed, so sad,

It was time to slip away.


You clung to life so strong,

Until we let you know,

Through words and favorite songs,

That both still loved you so.




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