Eschew Desire

Life is Dark.
Life is Light.
I will go softly,
Into the night.

Dark and Cold
Light on Fire.
My eyes are closed,
To my desire.

For if I see,
But cannot gain,
What I so want,
Will lead to pain.

I’ve burned before,
For reaching out,
Such pain endured,
Leaves me in doubt.

To try again?
Certainly not!
I’ll close my eyes,
Keep what I’ve got.

6 thoughts on “Eschew Desire

  1. This is an important poem, because will resonate with those who feel that maybe you don’t have to struggle and achieve things just for their own sake. That’s fine for those who are tuned that way, but shouldn’t be compulsory.
    I was particularly struck by the turning around and response to Dylan Thomas’ ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ in the opening lines. As I often felt on reading those lines ….’err Why?’
    Well written.


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