Sunday Trees – 245

The Leyland Cypress tree is a fast growing giant used as a screen for privacy around your yard. We have five of these beautiful trees that screen our deck from our neighbor. They are now about 30-40 feet high and merged together at their base. Here is a closeup of the branches at the base of one of the trees:


Next is a photo from the side where you can see the 5 trees forming the screen:


Now for two pictures taken straight up from the base. The first is with flash the second is without flash:




Finally, a picture of me blogging on the deck with the trees in the background.


Thanks to Becca Givens for hosting this fun challenge.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Trees – 245

  1. Love trees. Those are glorious. (my wife reckons my fondness is maybe a bit too much. Our garden resembles a modest sized copse, I claim its untidiness is a deliberate attempt to nurture a piece of Nature in the raw- children believe me)

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