Monday Window – July 25, 2016

Today’s Monday Window post is about sacrificing windows. The back of our house has a wonderful South-West exposure, which is great for passive solar heating in the winter. Here is a picture of the back of the house when we bought it in 2008:


We had a total of 19 window on the back, including the bow window in the back peak.

A few years later, we put on a back deck at the level of the main floor. Here is a picture with the deck:


As you can imagine, the deck covers the house’s exposure to the sun on the lower level. The featured image, seen below, shows the shadowing of one of the four main windows:


Also in shadow are two windows to the left (see the second picture above) that give light to one of the two downstairs bedrooms. We had originally planned on having a stairway up to the deck, but that would have shaded the two center windows in this picture, as the stairs would have required a platform halfway down with the steps then being the width of two stairways. So, we decided to nix the stairway to keep some light flowing into our family room on that lower level.

This means that we lost light going to three of the 19 windows. We also lost one window because it had to be sacrificed for a door onto the deck. Fortunately, that door is mostly glass, so that did not hurt very much.

So what did we gain? We now have a beautiful 25 foot by 15 foot deck that can be enjoyed most of the year (with the exception of afternoons in the middle of summer when the heat is just too intense, even under our umbrella). Here are two picture of the deck from the doorway and from the back corner:


So for us, it was well worth the window sacrifice.

Monday Window Home
Monday Window Home


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