Depleted Uranium

For my friends and family in Western Australia, here is a chapter from Nu Book 1 – The Esss Advance which highlights the Unstoppable nature of depleted uranium shells. The situation was grave for humanity. A black pyramid had landed just of of North Island and was disgorging a plankton killing sludge into the ocean currents. The Aussies, as expected, were not waiting for help for outsiders. They were tackling the problem immediately and with great force.



Chapter 116 – Australia Takes the Lead

The destroyer HMAS Perth had been in position for the last twenty-four hours along with its sister ship, the HMAS Anzac, at a distance of ten nautical miles west of North Island. The HMAS Darwin was on station at nine nautical miles off the island between the alien pyramid and the two destroyers.

Just two hours before, the depleted uranium shells had been delivered to the two destroyers by helicopter. Each ship had just four shells, but each ship would be able to make four direct hits, because the shells were self-guided. The shells had been placed in the autoloader, and then the crew had cleared the area. There was no sense in taking any chances with radiation poisoning just in case the ship survived the attack.

All of the men aboard had volunteered for this mission. Men with families had been excused even if they volunteered, so the average age of the crew was lower than normal. The captain of the Perth, Marcus White, made up for this, as he was the most experienced captain in the Australian Navy.

“Okay, gentlemen,” Captain White, said, “Commence firing!”

The rounds were timed to be fired at three-second intervals, a much slower rate than the guns could handle but timed so that all of the shells would be in the air before the first shell struck its target. With the two destroyers a nautical mile apart, north to south, the shells would approach the target from slightly different angles but hopefully close enough to confuse any defenses built into the pyramid.

Captain White had his binoculars trained on the pyramid during the firing sequence to judge any response. What he saw was the retraction of a section at the pyramid’s tip, exposing some kind of device. Immediately after opening, the device began emitting laser bursts at the incoming shells.

“Good luck trying to stop depleted uranium with a laser,” he said almost to himself as he watched eight direct hits on the side of the black pyramid. The explosions were pyrotechnic in nature, and the hot debris falling from the side of the pyramid ignited the awful slick that the pyramid had been disgorging for the past several days.

“Well done, gentlemen,” Captain White said. “Now, let’s see how the cruise missile fares after we so artfully knocked on their door!”

What the Captain had missed during the short duration of the shelling was the burst of laser light heading in the opposite direction from his ships. The pyramid’s defenses had picked up the track of the cruise missile and shot it down just as it cleared the Australian coast. The laser fire fried all of the missile’s sensors, and the missile went into auto-destruct mode.

“Damn,” Captain White exclaimed a minute later when it was obvious that the missile was not going to detonate over the pyramid. “Get me Fleet Base West on the horn.”

“We have Admiral Westcott on the line, sir,” Lieutenant Jeremiah Smith said a few seconds later.

“Give me a sit rep,” Westcott said as soon as White got on the line.

“We had eight direct hits with the DU shells,” White reported. “The only visible response from the pyramid was an attempt to shoot down our incoming shells with laser fire. Right now, we have visible damage on the western side of the pyramid, and the slick around the pyramid is on fire. There was no, I repeat, no secondary explosion indicating that the tactical nuke reached its destination.”

“The cruise missile was shot down by laser fire just as it passed over the coastline,” Admiral Westcott said. “Your orders are to commence firing standard shells at the pyramid as rapidly as you can to try to multiply the damage inflicted by the DU shells.”

“Yes sir.” Captain White handed the mike back to Smith. “Get me the Anzac. Commander Blaine, get a crew back to the six-inch gun and commence firing our standard shells at that damn pyramid as fast as the gun can handle. We’re not bringing any shells back to port if I can help it.”


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