Old Neglected Barns/Buildings

In our area of North Carolina, there used to be more farming. In particular, there used to be a thriving tobacco farming presence. Now, farming has switched over to corn and soy beans and many of the old barns have been abandoned and neglected.

This first barn has been completely taken over by kudzu vines, an invasive Southeast Asian variety that was introduced into the area to prevent soil erosion.


Here is the barn from another angle:


Alongside of the barn is a huge corn field:


And a view across the street is another:


About 500 yards away is another barn suffering a similar fate:




Here is a barn across the street that is a bit better maintained:


One more picture of a cornfield in the late evening sun with the shadows of the corn plants stretching across the road. I like the curve of the road and how it directs the eye.


The next building was not a barn, but some kind of country store:


The white bicycle next to the building is a memorial to an EMT worker killed in a hit and run accident at this intersection.


Across the street from this abandoned country store was an old abandoned house that was burned down by the fire department in a controlled exercise. The house was dangerous and too tempting for young children to avoid. In back of where the house stood, was a barn like building that may have been used as a garage.



All that is left of the house are shards of broken glass and a few pieces of burned wood:


All of these buildings are withing two miles of where I live.


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