52 Week B&W Photo Challenge – August 8, 2016

Here is my entry into The Girl That Dreams Awake new 52 Week Photo Challenge.

I just posted a blog entry on our 2001 Mediterranean cruise starting in Venice, Italy. Every photo in that blog was scanned from my 4×6 inch color prints from that time. So we are starting all photos at no better than 300 dpi.

You can check out the complete Venice post HERE. You will find this same photo in color.


In the picture, we see a gondola landing at St. Mark’s Square with the Grand Canal in the background and St. George’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral on the other side of the canal.



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3 thoughts on “52 Week B&W Photo Challenge – August 8, 2016

  1. I am so glad i’ve seen your post has the pingback didnt work for some reason 😦 but i did copy the link to the coments box! thank you for participating Charles, this is a beautiful photo! 🙂

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