One Word Photo Challenge: Cityscape

One Word Photo Challenge is hosted by Jennifer Nicole Wells and this weeks word is “Cityscape”. I have three entries for this challenge.

The first is from Athens, Greece. This shot was taken from the Acropolis looking down over the city with the Temple of Olympian Zeus in the foreground. This is a 300 dpi scan of a 4×6 inch print from 2001.


In Athens, all of the hills surrounding the Acropolis seem to be packed with dwellings.


The second photo is from Cartagena, Spain taken from the fort protecting the harbor at the top of the hill. You can see that the city is excavating a lower hill for ancient ruins. This seems to be the norm in these Mediterranean port cities.



The third photo is from Wellington, New Zealand. Wellington is the capital of the country.

IMG_2094 - Copy

The Beehive building in the center of the photo is the Executive Wing of the four New Zealand Parliamentary Buildings.


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