Sidewalks of the World

Sidewalks have existed for thousands of years. How else could one be safe from the traffic in the street, whether it be truck, car, bus, horse drawn carriage, or chariot. Even in the early days of the American west, the sidewalk provided a means to move in towns from building to building without having to walk in the muddy, unpaved streets.

Let’s start with the village outside the Kronborg castle in Denmark. This picture shows a street in the village outside of the castle with a cobblestone sidewalk.

Norway and Scotland Cruise 051

Now inside the castle, there is a courtyard with a sidewalk around the exterior:

Norway and Scotland Cruise 062

Denmark has many castles, but Fredensborg Castle is the residence of the queen and has wonderful sidewalks:

Norway and Scotland Cruise 038

Norway and Scotland Cruise 042

Norway and Scotland Cruise 043

Let’s switch to the new world in Knoxville, Tennessee. This sidewalk has a sculpture that will delight your senses:

Tenn Trip 069

If that doesn’t wake you up, nothing will.

Now back to the old world where a sidewalk is not next to a street. In Venice, the sidewalk is next to the canal:


I think I will stop here for this post. I could probably go on for dozens more pictures from around the world, but this small sampling gives a taste of sidewalks that we have seen.


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