Mistakes are the core of wisdom

I thought I would repost this on my regular blog.


Old Mistakes are irreversible,

New mistakes are inevitable,

Living without making mistakes is impossible,

For we are not perfect.

So forgive yourself your old mistakes,

For what else can you do?

Then go boldly forward,

Knowing you will make make more mistakes,

But also knowing that each mistake is a life lesson.

Accumulating these life lessons,

And passing them on to others,

Is the heart and soul of true wisdom.

For what good is wisdom if it is not shared?

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5 thoughts on “Mistakes are the core of wisdom

  1. How very true.
    I have a daily ‘joust’ with memories of past mistakes, but manage to shake them off with some more work on my writing projects.
    And of course some time on WordPress

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      1. That’s a good question and I’m not sure anyone can truly answer it. Though it’s something we have to stop doing. Striving for the best is good but when it tips into criticizing ourselves, that’s when we’ve gone to far. It makes for a great philosophical discussion. 🙂

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