Mundane Monday Challenge 76

Did you ever take a photo to document a problem with something you purchased? That documentary photo could then be used to convince the store to repair or replace the broken item. This happened to us with a bar stool that we purchased to go with our raised kitchen counter. A weld broke on the arm that attached that arm to the seat of the stool.

Somehow I never deleted the photo, but I think it make a perfect entry for this week’s entry in the Munday Monday Challenge #76: Learn Photography, which is hosted by PhoTrablogger.


The photo is mundane in topic, muted in color, but somehow the framing of the photo holds the eyes attention. Let me know what you think.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Please hurry with the next NU book!

on September 4, 2016
Fast-paced military science fiction, I was very impressed that this is a first novel for Mr. Waugh. The author has really done his homework, as he has worked with many concepts of science, history, anthropology, space travel and military technology in this book. The story “reads” very well, editing is good, I only found 3 or 4 instances where the wrong word was used or misspelled. I really like the chapter structure and the 3 main story lines that are going on (two alien ones, and one human). I can’t wait to get the next installment of this story–hope it comes soon.
Nu Book 1 – The Esss Advance is available via this link on ==> Amazon.
You may also visit the website for more details

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