Travel Theme: Transport

Ailsa hosts this challenge on her site called Where’s my backpack?

We like to travel in style and nothing exemplifies style like cruising on our favorite Holland America Lines. Here is the featured image again along with a few others from other cruises:




Sticking with the water theme, here is another famous form of transport:


And now a smaller boat with my wife and I at Cabo San Lucas:


Of course, it wouldn’t be right not to include a rail transport photo from Alaska. I love the curve of the track and train pulling the eyes from front left to the center background:


For a little more rugged transport try this:


Finally, let’s go back to the water theme:

Tenn Trip 069

Oh! Sorry, no water for this boat! It must be quite a challenge to row through bricks.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Please hurry with the next NU book!

on September 4, 2016
Fast-paced military science fiction, I was very impressed that this is a first novel for Mr. Waugh. The author has really done his homework, as he has worked with many concepts of science, history, anthropology, space travel and military technology in this book. The story “reads” very well, editing is good, I only found 3 or 4 instances where the wrong word was used or misspelled. I really like the chapter structure and the 3 main story lines that are going on (two alien ones, and one human). I can’t wait to get the next installment of this story–hope it comes soon.
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3 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Transport

  1. My youngest assumed a school trip would have to result in a hotel stay because the teachers wouldn’t know where the horrible dorm style chalets were so far away. When told that there were not going to be private hotel rooms she quit the sport.

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