Thursday Doors – Sept 29, 2016

This door is all I have to offer this week. My wife and I spent 3 hours in a stop and go traffic jamb in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. In that three hours we progressed all of 5 miles in our 500+ mile trip from New Jersey to North Carolina. We didn’t make it home that day. We had to stay overnight in Virginia. After getting home on Thursday, I was a bit behind in my emails and couldn’t create this post until Friday.

Anyway, when you stare at the back of the same truck for so long, you just have to make the best of the situation. If you blow up the picture you will see that the trailer has a license plate from Nebraska. We count the number of US States and Canadian Provinces we find on the license plates of the cars and trucks we pass on our journey. On this trip we got 36 states and 3 provinces


I hope you don’t mind this little deviation from my normal Thursday Doors posting. You can find more doors by visiting Norm 2.0 and going through the comments.


on September 4, 2016
Fast-paced military science fiction, I was very impressed that this is a first novel for Mr. Waugh. The author has really done his homework, as he has worked with many concepts of science, history, anthropology, space travel and military technology in this book. The story “reads” very well, editing is good, I only found 3 or 4 instances where the wrong word was used or misspelled. I really like the chapter structure and the 3 main story lines that are going on (two alien ones, and one human). I can’t wait to get the next installment of this story–hope it comes soon.
Nu Book 1 – The Esss Advance is available via this link on ==> Amazon.
You may also visit the website for more details.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Sept 29, 2016

  1. Last summer, we were stuck in traffic behind a van packed with so much hay, the doors wouldn’t close properly. I took a shot of it and used it for a post on Thursday Doors. Inspiration comes from the most unusual places at times. 🙂

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