Thursday Doors, Oct 13, 2016

I have missed most of prior week with personal issues, so it is good to be back. I went through my 1,500 + emails and decided to start fresh. There was no way I was going to catch up. If any of you have something particular you would like me to see, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below with the link and I would be happy to make the visit.

Today’s Thursday Doors are from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Again, these photos are compliments of my brother and guest photographer, Rick Waugh. The pictures were taken on his recent cruise of the Baltic. A shout out to Rick on his birthday would be great.






As always, thanks to Norm Frampton at Norm 2.0 for sponsoring this weekly challenge. You can see Norm’s doors from this week here. They are from the Meat Packing District and Chelsea in New York City and worth the visit. You can see all other links by clicking on the link below.


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