Looking for Your Opinion

I have changed the theme on my site and would like to know if you prefer this new format to the old (if you can remember the full screen old format). Any input would be welcomed.

10 thoughts on “Looking for Your Opinion

  1. You are a great writer. Themes are nice. But nothing excels beyond the words that help build the pictures as I read. I always come back to the little boy who didn’t care for television. When asked why he replied: “the pictures are good enough.”

    I don’t know that I’ve been any help,

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  2. Ach, never ask for my opinion, I have strong ones and am always ready to share. Being of the older generation (an octogenarian) I also tend to be rather old-fashioned. I still see blogs like newspapers and like to be able to easily see what’s new and to maneuver about. Your current theme has a very large homepage image. These seem rather popular these days, but they obscure the lead articles. You have to scroll down to see if there is anything interesting. I do like the sidebar with the links, that makes getting around easy.


  3. I like this one better than the old one. I prefer white page because it is easier to read and look so much more tidy. But this is my tast and this is just an opinion, go for the one you like the best.


  4. I’m really like the new look of your site. I think the featured image and the images in the post are shown to best effect.
    I’m viewing it right now in landscape mode on iPad and find it very easy to navigate with side menus and widgets displayed in a way that tempts me to explore site.
    In fact I think the theme you’ve chosen is exceptionally good.
    I know I like a website when I picture mine running on same theme!

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