Monday Window – Oct 17, 2016

For today’s Monday Window I would like to pay tribute to the Twin Towers in NYC that were destroyed on September 11th, 2001. The featured image is called “The View Facing West” and was photographed on September 10, 2002 by David Leite. It was copied from “The David Blahg” which you can find via the link.


The second photo I would like to share is of the World Trade Center lobby from August 19th, 2000. This photo is compliments of Smurfy from English Wikipedia.


I have many memories of passing though this lobby on my way to work in downtown NYC. I still find it very difficult to go to Manhattan. I think I have been there twice since that fateful day, and both times, I was very uncomfortable. That tragic attack has left a deep scar inside. We should never forget those that lost their lives that day and those sick and evil people that caused this tragedy.

10 thoughts on “Monday Window – Oct 17, 2016

  1. Oh gosh, your post took me back to that terrible, dreadful day, coming home, hearing it on the news, switching on the tv, watching, open-mouthed, not believing it was really happening. It’s something everyone, everywhere should never forget. Thank you, it made me slow down, stop and think and pray something like this never, ever happens again….

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