Urgent or Not

Urgent or not,
I’ve got what I’ve got,
I have nothing more,
To give to the boor.

He asks for the world,
It must be right now,
The crisis depends
On the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

The attitude check,
He says that you need,
Is really his problem.
His problem indeed.

Dr. Suess would just say,
He should just go away,
And leave you to solve,
This problem today.

You’re good at your job,
You know what’s required,
Send him back to his office,
For he’ll soon be retired.

He needs a chill pill,
Something large, something blue,
Something so hard to swallow,
Something too hard to chew.

At the end of the day,
We go home to play
With the kids and the dog,
“Nothing urgent” I’d say.

Picture compliments of http://www.mirror.co.uk  from the link here.


2 thoughts on “Urgent or Not

    1. Sorry Jacqueline, I thought you were commenting on another post. My wife and I have plenty of experience dealing with bosses to whom everything is urgent. We have left that all behind now. Thank goodness.


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