Thursday Doors – Oct 20, 2016

Today is the third day for my guest photographer Rick Waugh to show his stuff. The pictures in this post were taken in Kiel, Germany. Any questions about the doors can be placed in the comments and Rick should be able to respond. The featured image shows two sets of doors though several open archways and a beautiful cobble stone street.


Next we have the ‘no dogs allowed’ door with a nice splash of red (Hi Helen. Look back at the red box on the left side of the archway as well).


This double door with the arch above is very much like my own front door. I guess this is why they all my door ‘European Style’.


The next door I want you to compare to an earlier Monday Window post from September 12th. Just follow the link to see what I mean.


Here is a beautiful wooden double door with “Wilhelm-Spiegel-Haus’ over the lintel and some very nice metal work over the windows:


Finally we have a series of three pictures from the St. Nikolai Church in Kiel.



Thanks again to Norm Frampton on Norm 2.0 for hosting this weekly challenge. Follow the link to Norm’s page and see what he has to offer this week. You can also follow the blue link on his page to see all Thursday Door posts from this week.

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