Nowhere to Turn

Would you rather be Banned?
Would you rather be Canned?
It’s a difficult choice,
One that could not be Planned.

Would you just stay Away?
Would you kneel down and Pray?
Which one would you choose
On this difficult Day?

A new job you must Find.
You are so in a Bind.
The bills keep on coming.
They are totally Blind.

What lesson did you Learn
When your boss you did Spurn?
Was it worth such a cost?
Now you’ve nowhere to Turn.


2 thoughts on “Nowhere to Turn

  1. Thanks. I am practicing poetry in the form used in Dr. Seuss books. I am planning on teaming up with my granddaughter (the artist) to create a illustrated children’s book. I think this form of verse suits the target age group perfectly. I’m glad that it struck a chord. That means it made a connection. That is how I spell relief!


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